Paralympic Heritage Flame Ceremony

On Friday, Channel 4 news covered the ceremony which celebrated the Paralympic flame leaving Stoke Mandeville, the home of Paralympics and 'travelling' to Rio in preparation for the opening ceremony this week. It was a crazy, wonderful event which certainly tested me in new ways!

Working with volunteers is both maddening and rewarding - they don't always appreciate the process but the elation they get from performing on a stage is more than you ever get from a regular performer.

I think the funniest moment was after several days of almost constant cycles of dye batches going through my home washing machine and the communal washing line looking like a fantastic rainbow of dungarees, a neighbour passed me by and said that he had been having nightmares about them, especially the orange ones as they reminded him of Oompa Loompas! Needless to say that none of our volunteers looked scary in theirs, in fact the cheerful gardening theme was a lovely one, and despite some early complaints about the dungarees we only had about five that were not taken home as a souvenir!

One of the early dye disasters has made it's way to my new scarecrow that's watching over my sweetcorn at the allotment, as a permanent reminder of always checking the label.....even when something says it is cotton double check the label as it may well only be 35% cotton......and when you are relying on being able to dye something that is no good at all!

Here you can see Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson with the lit torch and Kelly Gallagher with the cauldron. In the foreground are some of the 70 volunteers and 20 Stop Gap dancers who made up the mass cast.

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