A few quiet weeks mean a head start on the allotment!

After a very busy start to the year, I have the luxury of a quiet few weeks. I plan to do some gallery visits - I have already managed to get to the Switch Room in the Tate Modern, which has been a long time coming especially as it's so close to the Globe! Next week I plan to go to the British Museum and the Barbican.

Also, this is a perfect month to get a good amount done on the allotment. Obviously it's only going to require more attention as the weather improves, but I've planted seeds which are making good progress, dug in manure and made the final improvements to my fruit cage ready for a fruitful summer! I love that my job allows me the flexibility to drop in if I need to, and can often work an allotment stop into my day. It's certainly helps to stay calm on the more stressful days.

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